We are energy then we can feed ourselves on energy


We think about the food we eat, it comes from the earth, it is energy, but then the air is energy, and then there is water, these are also energy and finally the last element is fire and that is the sun, the heat. We often think that the only food is what we can eat in our mouths, the elements of the earth. Other sources of food energy must also be used. The air, and learning to breathe are fundamental, yoga, relaxation, meditation and walking through uncontaminated places.

The sun is a source of heat, of positive light that warms our shadows. Drinking water regularly is essential for a healthy relationship. But there are other sources of energy, thought is a cosmic energy that nourishes us with good readings and deep dialogues. Vision is the look, good cinema and distracting ourselves in nature. Music is sound energy, healthy passions, hugs, conscious caresses, massages, all the emotions that recharge us with cosmic energy if we live them consciously because the body should never be neglected.

As you can see we are constantly surrounded by energy, wherever we go, whoever we are with, everything is energy, we need to put ourselves in the right frequency and capture the vibrations and live them deeply to always get the best out of everything.